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Example fo Reactor Physics Analysis chart

Our activities within the Department of Nuclear Engineering encompass fundamental research as well as the cutting edge investigation of advanced reactor concepts and development of computer codes and analytical models for nuclear reactor cores. Our faculty and students model and simulate current power and research reactors as well as study designs for future systems. Recent emphasis has been placed upon issues of actinide management, as well as spent fuel reprocessing and recycling.

Main research areas and topics of current interest include:

  • Minor Actinide Management
  • MOX, Recycling, Reprocessing Studies
  • Fast Reactor Systems
  • Reactor Simulators
  • Fuel Cycle Uncertainty Analysis
  • Fuel Bundle Design and Optimization
  • Core Design and Optimization
  • Spent Fuel Isotopic Inventory Simulation
  • SCALE Code Development Support
  • Research Reactor Analysis (HFIR)
  • Computational Reactor Physics Methods